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1. The Seduction Method
Providing seduction advice and strategies for men. Great commission and conversion rates.

2. Pc-Spy Monitoring Software
Secretly Monitor All Keyboard Activity!

3. Dating Dynamics
Exceptional books on dating for single men. Great conversion and great commission!

4. WantaGirl.com - Got Dates?
The Best Selling Guide. Learn the Truth About Dating Women! No Wonder Ricky Lake Got in Touch with Us!

5. Immigration To Canada Made Easy
Interactive ebook for anyone aspiring to migrate to Canada and a Directory of 3,092 Canadian Job Recruiters.

6. Worlds Best Pick Up Line

7. The Shopping Group

8. Speeding Tickets
Traffic Sergeant Discloses Insider Secrets on How to Beat a Speeding Ticket.

9. The Swinging Life
A Sincere Resource for Playful Couples.

10. Cyber Investigator Spytools Software
Personal spy software for just $9.95. Get it online by credit card, debit card, or e-check, and download it instantly.

11. Funeral Secrets.com/CasketSecrets.com
Funeral/Casket guide showing how not to get ripped off in the planning of a funeral.

12. Russian Post
Mail & Telegram to Russia.

13. Ebiz Drop Ship Directory
Directory of Wholesale Drop Shippers.

14. The Mind Of The Craziest Marketer Alive!
Step inside the mind of the craziest marketer alive - and discover the secrets that made him a global phenomenon!

15. Teach Yourself Romanian
Software package for learning Romanian language.

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